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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)



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M. Wayne Dyer

Committee Members

Donald R. Davis, Peter H. Pawlowicz


This thesis is the culmination of my work as a graphic artist thus far. I chose to investigate the use of type and image in the production of social protest art, as it relates to historical and contemporary art as well as my own. Methods used in gathering the data include references from books, periodicals, websites, and hands-on application of the artistic process. Conclusions found within this paper suggest that using type and image within a multimedia process, serves to communicate important messages and attempts to educate the viewer on important political and social matters. Protest art has and will continue to be a viable and important form of art. This thesis is significant in presenting my artwork as it fits into the mosaic of protest art in the past, along with discussion of design elements and graphic processes.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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