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MS (Master of Science)



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J. Paul Sims

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Hugh W. Broome, W. Andrew Clark


Aging aircraft wiring poses a significant threat to both commercial and military aircraft. Recent air disasters involving aging aircraft wiring have made it clear that aging wiring can be catastrophic. Aging of an electrical wiring system can result in loss of critical functions of equipment or loss of information regarding equipment operation. Either result can lead to an electrical failure causing smoke and fire, consequently being a danger to public health and aircraft safety.

Conventional maintenance practices do not effectively manage aging wiring problems. More proactive methods are needed so that aircraft wiring failures can be anticipated and wiring systems can be repaired or replaced before failures occur. This thesis will identify the effects of aging wiring systems, the potential degradation to aircraft safety and regulations regarding aircraft wire safety. This thesis will evaluate the conventional wire maintenance practices and transition wire integrity programs in the aviation industry.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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