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Degree Name

MS (Master of Science)



Date of Award


Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

Hamid S. Kasmai

Committee Members

Chu-Ngi Ho, Mian Jiang


In an attempt to synthesize a photoreactive geranylcysteine derivative, A, with an appropriate photoprobe to be studied as a mimic for farnesylated protein, B, the following syntheses were carried out. The hydroxyl group of geraniol was protected with DHP/PPTs to generate 1 (98.1%). Allylic oxidation of 1 by using TBHP/SeO2 yielded 2 (31.5%). A modified oxidation increased the yield of 2 (34.4%). Treatment of 2 with BTC/pyridine afforded 3 (86.0%). Reaction of 3 with NaN3/DMF gave 8 and 9 (49.4%). Deprotection of this mixture under PPTs/EtOH afforded 10 and 11 (64.1%). Because of the unexpected reaction of 3 with N3-, we focused on alternative target molecules 12 and 13 (Figure 7). Our attempts to synthesize the first intermediates 14 and 15 in the syntheses of 12 and 13 (Scheme 14 and Scheme 15) have resulted in the isolation of the unreacted starting material.

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Thesis - restricted


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