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MS (Master of Science)



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Fred J. Alsop III

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Timothy D. McDowell, Istvan Karsai


The chief purpose of this study is to provide information on the habitat and breeding information of Magnolia Warblers on Unaka Mountain. Magnolia Warblers breed in Canada and the Northeastern United States. There are no current breeding records for this species in Tennessee.

For the habitat analysis, trees were identified on individual subplots. Shrubs were analyzed using the point-intercept method. Most of the major tree and shrub species were different than those found in Maine, which is a major breeding region for this species. Therefore, it's the structure of the habitat that is important for nesting. Fledglings were seen, giving solid proof of breeding.

This study is important because it provides proof of a new breeding bird in Tennessee, and establishes habitat information necessary for its conservation.

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