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MA (Master of Arts)


Early Childhood Education

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Laurelle Phillips

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Rebecca Isbell, Pamela Evanshen, Amy Malkus


As outlined in this paper, Rotation Model (RM) Sunday school employs early childhood education practices. This study investigates the attitudes of parents, children's Sunday school leaders, and children in RM Sunday school compared to those in Non-Rotation Model (NRM) Sunday school. The purpose of the study was to determine if the attitudes of children and adults involved in RM were more positive than children and adults not participating in the model. Thirteen churches in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia participated in the study. Surveys rating attitudes toward Sunday school were completed by 100 children and 63 adults. Results showed no difference between attitudes toward Sunday school of the children in RM and NRM programs. Adults in this study involved in RM have significantly more positive attitudes toward children's Sunday school than those in NRM. Children's Sunday school attendance was reported for nine Sundays in order to study attendance patterns.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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