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MS (Master of Science)



Date of Award


Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

Bert C. Lampson

Committee Members

Ranjan N. Chakraborty, Lee M. Pike


N5-59, a siderophore deficient mutant strain of Rhodococcus erythropolis strain IGTS8 (IGTS8) was investigated to learn more about how this poorly characterized bacterium acquires iron. N5-59 cells were starved for iron and then lysed to release any intracellular siderophore. No intracellular siderophore was detected indicating that N5-59 is not defective in the export or release of siderophore but is probably unable to synthesize siderophore. In a cross-feeding bioassay, growth of N5-59 (in an iron depleted medium) was greatly enhanced by the addition of exogenous siderophore from IGTS8 and other Rhodococcus species indicating that N5-59 is not defective in siderophore uptake. A DNA hybridization probe was prepared using DNA flanking the site of insertional mutation in strain N5-59. This probe was then used to clone a 6 kilobase pair, PstI restriction fragment from the chromosome IGTS8. This cloned DNA is expected to contain the intact gene(s) that was interrupted in N5-59.

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Thesis - restricted


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