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MA (Master of Arts)



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Roger C. Bailey

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Otto Zinser, David J. Marx


The purpose of the present study was to determine how college participants view the success of different conflict management strategies: chance, manipulation, compliance, and confrontation. The success of the conflict management strategies was evaluated by how participants rated female satisfaction, male satisfaction, likelihood of marriage and success of marriage. A MANOVA, and a Roy Bargman step-down procedure were conducted on all dependent variables. A Tukey HSD post hoc test was ran to reveal which conflict management strategies differed from one another. Results indicated that participants thought women were less satisfied than men. For male satisfaction and likelihood of marriage, post hoc testing on the conflict management strategies revealed using compliance was the most satisfying. On the success of marriage variable, participants rated men higher than women on the manipulation and confrontation strategies. The results of the study may be useful in understanding conflict management in dating couples.

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