Degree Name

MS (Master of Science)


Computer and Information Science

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Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

Phillip E. Pfeiffer IV

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Don Bailes, Martin L. Barrett


The DCOM and CORBA standards provide location-transparent access to network-resident software through language independent object interfaces. Although the two standards address similar problems, they do so in incompatible ways: DCOM clients cannot use CORBA objects, and CORBA clients cannot utilize DCOM objects, due to incompatible object system infrastructures.

This thesis investigates the performance of bridging tools to resolve the incompatibilities between DCOM and CORBA, in ways that allow clients to cross object system boundaries. Two kinds of tools were constructed and studied: tools that bind clients to services at compile time, and tools that support dynamic client-server bindings. Data developed in the thesis shows that static bridges are on the order of five times faster than dynamic bridges. Measurements conducted with remote clients also showed that with increased network delays, performance differences between static and dynamic bridges become negligible.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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