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MS (Master of Science)


Communicative Disorders

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A. Lynn Williams

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Nancy Scherer, Martha Coutinho, Kerry Proctor-Williams


The purpose of the present study was to assess the effectiveness of phonological awareness (PA) training with typically developing preschool children in a classroom setting. The PA training incorporated a range of PA skills and the training outcomes were assessed along a broad spectrum of PA abilities, pre-literacy skills, and general language abilities.

This study consisted of 21 children (11 Experimental, 10 Control). The classroom PA training program was conducted with the Experimental class in one large group for 5 weeks with 20 minute sessions conducted three times a week. A variety of fun, play-based PA activities were used with the class that incorporated the spectrum of PA skills.

No main effects were observed for any of the test measures, with the exception of the Experimental group’s statistically significant gains for total number of words, number of different words, and a negative effect on the Phonological Awareness Literacy-Pre-Kindergarten

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Thesis - unrestricted


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