Degree Name

MFA (Master of Fine Arts)



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Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

David G. Logan, Catherine A. Murray

Committee Members

Ralph D. Slatton


The artist discusses her Master of Fine Arts exhibition at East Tennessee State University, Slocumb Galleries, Johnson City, Tennessee, October 28-November 8, 2002. Her exhibition was a personal narrative of her southern upbringing in small town Appalachia as well as a reflection of her inner thoughts and feelings towards feminism, adolescence, sexuality and Barbie. She chose to reference the female form, void of an actual body, implied through clothing. Works are figurative and sculptural and are constructed of copper, sterling and fine silver. They are sculptural hollow vessels, raised, formed, and colored with gesso and prismacolor pencils.

Topics discussed: the artist's experiences as a woman, development in graduate school, casting versus raising, a detailed technical discussion on each piece, the influences of Marilyn da Silva’s use of the narrative and color on metal, and Judith Shea’s use of clothing to reference the human form.

Includes images and discussions of twenty-six works and images of the exhibition.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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