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MA (Master of Arts)


Brand and Media Strategy

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Dr. Susan Waters

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Dr. Andrew Dunn, Dr. Chase Mitchell


In recent times, African brands have been featured heavily in global landscape fashion events, with brands from Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya leading the way. Although such recognition could be traced to their expertise, the unique approach of African brands involves putting out unique designs that easily stand out in the global fashion market. However, their uniqueness goes beyond the designs they put out, as it is also strongly expressed in their media messaging and, consequentially, their marketing strategy.

This study provides a content analysis of the most important characteristics of eight brands from different regions of the African continent. It examines 20 photos each from their Instagram account, analyzing a total of 160 photos. Results point out the distinct market penetration approach of the different brands from each region and how it reflects in their media brand voice as a whole.

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Thesis - embargo


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