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MA (Master of Arts)


Early Childhood Education

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Jane Broderick

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Pam Evanshen, Julia Atiles


A distinct lack of data related to the impact of natural environments on children birth to age 3 was identified by a thematic review of the existing literature. With this in mind, the researcher designed a limited scope quantitative study to explore the potential for extending the existing body of research to include this younger age. The study used a time sampling method to code behaviors that occurred in videos collected of children from 12 to 35 month who were playing on the playground at their childcare facility. The playscapes were classified as naturalistic or manufactured. The data was then analyzed using independent t-tests to look for statistically significant variations to the frequent that children engaged in various social and play based behaviors. The results of the study were minimal but were significant enough to support the value of further research involving children birth to three.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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