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MS (Master of Science)


Sport Management

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Amanda Greene

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Natalie L. Smith, Charles W. Jones, Nikki Stewart


Millennials are known for being a unique generation that places a high value on improving their community. They are also unlike any other generation because they are harder to market to since they are more aware of common marketing strategies used by companies today. Millennials want to improve the community and expect others to do the same. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a popular topic and has gained momentum in research over the years; understanding the relationship between CSR and millennials is important due to the generational shifts. Therefore, this study examines the importance of CSR to different generations and how companies can use that information to gain millennials as loyal consumers. This study examines the following constructs to evaluate CSR from a generational perspective: awareness, satisfaction, and loyalty. Although it is believed that millennials value CSR more than other generations, all generations appear to be aware, satisfied, and loyal.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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