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MS (Master of Science)



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Gerardo Arceo-Gomez

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Thomas Jones, Darrell Moore


Observation of floral visitation is an accepted method to describe plant-pollinator interactions despite potential biases. Collecting pollen from pollinators offers new insights on the structure and function of plant-pollinator communities. Furthermore, the strength and frequency of plant-pollinator interactions can vary across temporal scales. However, within-season and within-day (morning vs. evening) variation in plant-pollinator networks has been little studied. By evaluating variation in network structure across these biologically relevant time scales, we will gain a better understanding of the factors that shape plant-pollinator communities. The objectives of this study are to 1) Compare the structure of plant-pollinator networks built on floral visitation and pollen transport data, 2) Evaluate intra-annual variation in plant-pollinator network structure and 3) Evaluate variation in plant-pollinator structure within a single day (i.e. morning vs. evening).

Congruence and Temporal Variation of Floral Visitation and Pollen Transport Networks in Southern Appalachia

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Thesis - embargo


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