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MS (Master of Science)


Sport Management

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Natalie L. Smith

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Charles W. Jones, Andrew Dotterweich, Jeremy Gentles


Sport coaches are perceived as problem solvers who engage in creativity to handle the spontaneity of competitive activity and generate winning results. However, while creativity in athletes has been researched, little has been investigated regarding coaches. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine different aspects of creativity – person, process, press, and product – among collegiate team sport coaches in the United States. Specifically, how personality traits, ideational fluency, remote association ability, years of coaching experience, and work climate related to creative product impact and frequency. A modified creativity personality test was found to be positively related to both the impact and frequency of creative products. Further, self-confidence and years of coaching experience were positively related to creative product impact, while inventiveness was positively related to creative product frequency. Analyzing the creative potential factors related to creative productivity may be useful in enhancing creativity for collegiate coaches and improving outcomes.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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