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MS (Master of Science)


Allied Health

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Esther Verhovsek-Hughes

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Randy Byington, Deborah Dotson


When staffing reductions occur in the workplace, staff left behind may face increased stress, may not be given the support they need to manage the feelings caused by the reduction. This study was conducted to evaluate the impact of stress caused by staffing reductions has on medical technologists (MT), medical technicians (MLT) and respiratory therapists (RT), and to identify any common methods of stress management used by those staff who remain in the organization.

Literature research showed the negative impact stress can have on individuals when it is not addressed, such as decreased work performance, health issues, and even the inability to lead a normal life.

After an extensive review of the data, no statistically significant common methods of coping strategies were identified between these two professions using prescribed variables. However, the same three strategies used to cope with staffing reduction-related stress were ranked at the top in both professions.

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Dissertation - unrestricted


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