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M.Ed. (Master of Education)


Special Education

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James Fox

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Sara Beth Hitt, John wheeler


Off-task behavior is a major challenge. Various interventions have addressed this problem. Self-monitoring interventions are very effective, including the MotivAider, a self-timer that silently signals the student to observe his/her own Academic Engagement Time (AET). Studies of the MotivAider have reported increased AET., (Legge, DeBar, & Alber-Morgan, 2010; Morrison, McDougal, Black, & King-Sears, 2014) systematically faded the MotivAider to sustain increased AET. The present study replicated and extended this research using a response-dependent fading (Fox, Shores, Lindeman, & Strain, 1984) of the MotivAider to sustain the observe AET of a 6th grade student with Learning Disabilities. A single subject reversal desig analyzed the effects of the MotivAider and fading. Compared to baseline, the MotivAider increased AET while its temporary removal resulted in decreased AET. The singnal was gradually faded with maintained AET within intervention levels. Social validity data is also presented and implications for further research and educational practice discussed.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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