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Rebecca Milner

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Emily Donald, Heather Dye


The field of treating and learning about eating disorders in athletes is a growing field that continues to flourish as more knowledge is acquired. The purpose of this study is to examine the influence that length of time in the sport, age at which an individual starts a competitive sport, level of competitiveness, and type of sport (leanness vs. non-leanness focused) has on disordered eating behaviors. The participants were college students who were involved in at least one competitive sport in their life. They completed the EAT-26 questionnaire as well as a basic questionnaire. There was not enough data collected to conduct a logistic regression so descriptive statistics are reported. This remains an area to be further explored as there is a gap in the literature on the age at which individuals begin competitive sports and the length of time in sports and how that relates to disordered eating behaviors.

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