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MS (Master of Science)


Mathematical Sciences

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Jeff Knisley

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Robert Gardner, Michele Joyner


We demonstrate spectral learning can be combined with a random forest classifier to produce a hybrid recommender system capable of incorporating meta information. Spectral learning is supervised learning in which data is in the form of one or more networks. Responses are predicted from features obtained from the eigenvector decomposition of matrix representations of the networks. Spectral learning is based on the highest weight eigenvectors of natural Markov chain representations. A random forest is an ensemble technique for supervised learning whose internal predictive model can be interpreted as a nearest neighbor network. A hybrid recommender can be constructed by first deriving a network model from a recommender's similarity matrix then applying spectral learning techniques to produce a new network model. The response learned by the new version of the recommender can be meta information. This leads to a system capable of incorporating meta data into recommendations.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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