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MA (Master of Arts)



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Kelly N. Foster

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Candace Forbes-Bright, Joseph Baker


The lasting effects of childhood trauma into adulthood have been well corroborated by research from a variety of sources. Previous research has found a vast number of psychological, behavioral, and health related outcomes that are negatively affected by victimization in childhood. This piece strives to assess the correlates between childhood trauma and adult reproductive behavior and well-being for women living in Appalachia. The NCIPC has found that residents of Appalachia are at higher risks for both experiencing childhood traumas and poor health outcomes (2017). To create long-term positive reproductive health behaviors among Appalachian women, it is essential to examine how experiences with childhood trauma have affected these behaviors and how victims are likely to behave in adulthood in regards to their reproductive health. The results have implications for showcasing the unique difficulties experienced by women who were victims of childhood trauma which can impact the way healthcare providers and organizations can better assist the unique needs of this population.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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