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MS (Master of Science)


Clinical Nutrition

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Michelle Lee

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Michelle Johnson, Elizabeth Lowe


The purpose of this study was to determine if participation in a supermarket tour improves nutrition knowledge and eating behavior in adult participants. Participants were recruited in communities surrounding Food City stores, a local supermarket. Prior to completing a standardized tour, participants completed a survey to assess nutrition knowledge and eating behavior. This survey was given to participants again three months later. A program evaluation was given one time at the end of the tour. Data analysis revealed no significant findings, other than the behavior-based question: “How many meals or snacks on most days included vegetables”. Vegetable consumption appeared to decrease. All participants who completed the program evaluation reported they learned something new as a result of the tour and were satisfied with the experience. These findings suggest that nutrition education provided in supermarkets is well-received by participants, but additional research with objective measures is needed.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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