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MA (Master of Arts)


Communication, Professional

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Robert Funk

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Wesley Buerkle, Karen Brewster


The intent of this thesis and thesis project was to execute a successful run of the play, Stop Kiss by Diana Son while achieving the playwright’s intended message. Opal Clark directed this production of Stop Kiss at East Tennessee State University under special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc. It was performed to sold out audiences in ETSU Theatre and Dance Studio 205 October 2-7, 2017. The play explores experiences and hostility toward same sex couples, their relationships with one another and how one individual discovers sexuality. The discovery and actualization of the characters’ struggles were communicated in the play using student performers and crew members. The project was documented through a series of journal entries written by the director, who was guided by mentor Professor Robert Funk. The director details the exploration and process in daily journal entries. Additionally, a feminist criticism of the script further explores the portrayal of the plotline. The consequences and implications of dramatic choices within the context of the play are analyzed within this section.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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