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MA (Master of Arts)


Criminal Justice and Criminology

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Jennifer Pealer

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Chris Rush, Dustin Osborne


The juvenile justice system was established as a result of an unprecedented movement pioneered by the child savers. Child savers strived to protect America's children from physical and moral harm. Since the juvenile justice system's inception, research has focused extensively on the effectiveness of the juvenile system. Numerous studies have observed the perceptions of the general public, juvenile probation officers, and juvenile correctional staff regarding the juvenile justice system. The current study examined actual participants in the juvenile justice system to assess their opinions of the system that was designed to serve, protect, and rehabilitate them into active members of society. A survey was conducted with juvenile offenders who had been placed on court mandated juvenile probation, and their responses were analyzed and compared with previous research regarding the effectiveness of the juvenile justice system.

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Thesis - Open Access


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