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MS (Master of Science)



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Thomas F. Laughlin

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Thomas C. Jones, Dhirendra Kumar, Bert C. Lampson


The inhibitory effects on Escherichia coli ATPase activity by two venom peptides, lasioglossin II and mastoparan B. Membrane bound F1FO ATP synthase was isolated from E. coli strain pBWU13.4/DK8 and treated with varied concentrations of lasioglossin II and mastoparan B. Lasioglossin II caused very low inhibition of ATPase activity, but the inhibition profile of mastoparan B was suggestive of an interesting biological effect. A relatively shorter total length, a smaller net positive charge, and a reduced amphipathic character of both peptides, as compared to previously tested antimicrobial peptides, may account for the limited degree of inhibition observed in the present study.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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