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MS (Master of Science)


Allied Health

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Michelle Lee

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Randy Byington, Eileen Cress, Elizabeth Lowe


Traditional students enroll in post-secondary institutions during emerging adulthood. College enrollment is increasing and adult weight gain occurs most rapidly during the college-age years, with poor food decisions as a potential contributing factor. The present study examined the awareness, perception, and self-reported purchasing behaviors of college students regarding four front-of-package (FOP) nutrition labeling systems and symbols. Students were sent a 24-question web-based survey, with 908 completed surveys that met the research criteria. There were 888 (98.3%) respondents who recognized at least one of the four presented FOP nutrition labels. There were no significant differences between the groups that recognized one to four of the FOP nutrition labels in their stated likelihood to purchase foods with the specified labels. Students’ awareness of four commercial FOP nutrition labeling systems and symbols on product packaging did not have an impact on their food purchasing behaviors.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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