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Elwood D. Watson

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Ronnie M. Day, Stephen G Fritz


There have been many notable politicians in the United States during the twentieth century. Some, like Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, were known for their swagger and appeal to the common man. Others, like Bill Clinton and Franklin Roosevelt, were known for their charisma and intelligence. However, one in particular was known for caring, compassion, strength, and determination. Robert Francis Kennedy lived in interesting times, surrounded by large egos and near mythical figures. But Kennedy was arguably one of the most important figures of the last fifty years. The ideas and ideals that he espoused still resonate nearly forty years after his tragic demise. What made Robert Kennedy so unique was the circumstances of the last four and half years of his life (November 1963-June 1968). The RFK we remember today was not exactly what he really was during life. In addition, he went through a transformation unparalleled by many of his generation. This thesis tracks the life of this very important figure and shows how the assassination of his brother, John F. Kennedy, forever changed him into a titanic figure in American history.

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