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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)



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M. Wayne Dyer

Committee Members

David B. Dixon, Ralph D. Slatton


Man has created vast and powerful systems. These systems and their associated protocols, dogmas, and conventions tend to limit rather than liberate. Evaluation based on homogeneity threatens the devaluation of our humanity. This paper and the artwork it supports examine contemporary culture and its failings in the stewardship of the humanist ideal.

My paintings referenced herein are satirical narratives. The story told is one of alienation and evisceration. The visual subject matter is the human figure and environments dominated by architectural geometry. The male figures are conspicuously turned from view, a visual cue to their estrangement. Parallel and subordinate thoughts from the fields of psychoanalysis, economics, religion, and political science will be discussed.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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