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MPH (Master of Public Health)


Public Health

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James L. Anderson

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Joanne Walker Flowers, Tiejian Wu, Timothy E. Alich


Bronchioalveolar carcinoma (BAC), a rare lung cancer, is more common in women, has a high proportion of non-smokers, and better survival, especially in women, than other lung cancers. Study subjects were 83 BAC patients from two Kentucky counties. Mean survival differences were compared by selected variables. The results showed better survival for females (6.5 years) than males (3.0 years, p-value 0.02); for urban (4.3 years) compared to rural residents (2.6 years, p-value 0.04); and for females with history of hysterectomy (5.1 years) compared to females without such history (3.3 years, p-value 0.02); the last finding supports a hormonal role in survival. Study results support the previous findings of a female survival advantage in BAC. Additional research is needed to determine reasons for this female survival advantage.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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