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MALS (Master of Arts in Liberal Studies)


Liberal Studies

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Paul Kamolnick

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Dorothy Driinkard-Hawkshawe, Weixing Chen


This study examined predictors of community involvement among Liberians in Johnson City, Tennessee. This study was exploratory in nature and used a social survey employing closed-ended questions. Using cross-tabulation analysis, results derived from a random sample (n = 62) of respondents indicate that persons who were older, married with children, employed, more religious, members of the Mande Fu ethnic group, and/or tended toward very liberal or conservative views had the highest rates of community participation. Predictors of types of community participation were also analyzed, the most significant of which was the higher prevalence of males in leadership roles and females in the provision of services and sundry items. The significance of these findings for community empowerment among Liberians in Johnson City was briefly discussed.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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