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MS (Master of Science)



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Ismail O. Kady

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David G. J. Young, Yu-Lin Jiang


Nucleases are enzymes that can specifically recognize nucleic acids and hydrolyze their phosphodiester bonds effectively. As is the case with many hydrolases, nucleases often carry one or more metal centers. Cooperation between such metal centers and other interactions involving general acid-base activities are believed to be essential in multifunctional catalyses. Combination of such interactions in model compounds often resulted in larger than additive effects.

This work is aimed at synthesizing nuclease models that combine the ability to recognize phosphate groups and/or nitrogen bases of DNA together with the ability to catalyze phosphodiester hydrolysis. These models were designed to achieve optimum interaction between the recognition and the catalytic functionalities. Towards this goal, we chose phenonthiazonium ions (methylene blue analogues) and anthracene as spacers.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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