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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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James H. Lampley

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Jasmine R. Renner, Eric S. Glover, Elizabeth Ralston


The purpose of my study was to determine if there are any differences in performance measures of student teachers with varying levels of participation in professional development schools. The population in my study was the 2002 through the spring of 2006 kindergarten through 6th-grade student teachers from a small, private postsecondary institution. A requirement of the teacher education program was to complete sequential, field-based experiences in kindergarten through 6th-grade schools culminating in student teaching. My study included kindergarten through 6thgrade student teachers who had experienced a number of semesters in a Professional Development School (PDS) classified into 4 levels: (a) 0 or 1 semester, (b) 2 semesters, (c) 3 semesters, and (d) 4 semesters of field experience in PDSs of partnership.

Using analysis of variance procedures, the relationships between levels of participation in a PDS with each of 6 student performance measures were investigated. Several sources of data were used to evaluate the student teachers' performances. My study was based on the test results from 3 subtests of the PRAXIS II series examinations, the student teacher evaluation instruments, and the senior exit interviews. The performance evaluation scores were used to determine the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions of every student teacher before graduating from the teacher licensure program at Lincoln Memorial University. Based on the analysis of the data and findings of my study, PDS field-based experiences appear to have no significant relationship with student teachers' PRAXIS II examination subtests scores, student teacher evaluation instrument scores, or their senior exit interview scores.

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Dissertation - unrestricted


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