Degree Name

MFA (Master of Fine Arts)



Date of Award


Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

Travis H. Graves

Committee Members

Catherine A. Murray, Mira S. Gerard, Patricia Mink


This thesis supports the Master of Fine Arts exhibition at the Tipton Gallery, East Tennessee State University, from March 23rd through April 3rd, 2009. To comment on the title of my thesis, it describes an invented process created to re-contextualize failed paintings into works that critically comment on the discipline of painting itself. The paper describes and analyzes the conceptual moves created by a refusal to be satisfied with predictable outcomes in my work. At the end of this tumultuous quest to explore what painting is to me, the most rewarding works were a product of a reconfigured failure.

This paper also briefly discusses a period in the history of painting that is particularly relevant to my work, influential artists that I have continually returned in admiration, and collage techniques and materials used to create my work. An explanation of my current body of work is given at the end.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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