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MS (Master of Science)



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W. Andrew Clark

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William K. Hemphill, Keith V. Johnson, J. Paul Sims


Companies are constantly involved in automating processes to make them more efficient. Project details concentrate on corporate details. Little, if any, information is released about employees and how they are affected. This study is designed to determine if employees affected by the automation of a manufacturing or business process have a better life and consider themselves to be successful from their own perspective 5 years after the automation was completed. The study also established the things that helped and barriers that hindered their success. A survey was developed and sent to 63 individuals who have participated in a project to automate a manufacturing or business process. Their direct involvement could be through design, development, or general workforce operations. Plant operators and operations personnel were affected by automation in a much harsher manner than design and development personnel resulting in a greater need for future training.

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Thesis - Open Access


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