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MS (Master of Science)



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Zulfiqar Ahmad

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Ismail O. Kady, Karl H. Joplin


We have studied the inhibitory effect of natural and structurally modified polyphenols on Escherichia coli ATP synthase to test (I) if the beneficial dietary effects of polyphenols are related to their inhibitory actions on ATP synthase, (II) if inhibitory effects of polyphenolic compound could be augmented through structural modifications, and (III) if they can act as antimicrobial agent through their actions on ATP synthesis. X-ray crystal structures of polyphenol binding sites suggested that polyphenols bind at a distinct polyphenol binding pocket, at the interface of α,β,γ-subunits. We found that both natural and modified polyphenols inhibit E. coli ATP synthase to varying degrees and structural modifications resulted in augmented inhibition. Inhibition was reversible in all cases. Both natural and modulated compounds inhibited E. coli cell growth to varying degrees. We conclude that dietary benefits of polyphenols may be in part due to the inhibition of ATP synthase.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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