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MS (Master of Science)



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Darrell J. Moore

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Michael S. Zavada, Thomas C. Jones


We examined several aspects of nectar production in Campsis radicans to better understand how standing crop is affected and how production affects pollinator visitation. In all experiments, nectar and concentration of flowers were measured and total sugar was calculated. Flowers do not produce additional nectar unless nectar is removed, and it is not resorbed. Volume of standing crop and total sugar fluctuates throughout the day, whereas concentration remains constant. Age and time of day significantly affect regeneration of nectar and sugar. The number of removals did not significantly affect the amount of nectar or sugar regenerated; however, concentration declined significantly after the initial removal. We have established several factors affecting nectar production, although clearly there are other aspects influencing the production of nectar in C. radicans. Focus should be placed on determining the physiological aspects of secretion as well as studying the role that environmental factors have on physiological aspects.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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