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Public Health

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Richard Wissell

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Leo Harvill, James E. Florence


Hitherto, students have not evaluated the importance and performance of services provided by the student health service (SHS) at East Tennessee State University. An evaluation could provide valuable feedback to providers and administration.

In 2001, there were 944 student visits in the summer sessions. Approximately 256 students were offered a survey containing an Importance-Performance scale of which 151 (59.0%) responded. The I-P scale rates the importance students place on healthcare services and the performance of the SHS in delivering services (i.e., patient satisfaction).

Based on mean scores, students reported high importance, high performance on urgent care, pharmacy and patient education. Contraception education, laboratory and nutrition education were rated as low importance, high performance. Alcohol education was rated as low importance, low performance.

The student health service at ETSU may use the results of this study to expand, reduce or modify services. Further research of students in other semesters is needed.

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