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MA (Master of Arts)



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Joseph O. Baker

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William T. Dalton III, Leslie A. McCallister, Christopher S. Dula


This study addresses several research questions. First, it explores methods for organizing information regarding health services so as to keep information accessibility at an optimal level. Second, this project identifies student perceptions concerning accessibility and organization of information about student services. This study also assesses students' awareness of the available services. The study combined qualitative and quantitative methodology, involving two distinct stages of data collection. Results suggest age is largely unrelated to a belief schools should provide student services but positively correlated with the knowledge of the location of student services. Nearly all student services were positively correlated with the use of services. For the most part, no group differences were observed in the use of services. However, first-generation college students seemed to be the best predictor of the use of student services. Content analysis concluded that contemporary students primarily use internet resources to obtain student services information.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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