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MS (Master of Science)



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Keith V. Johnson

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W. Andrew Clark, Andrew Czuchry


Studies have shown that traditional food packaging for the fast food industry leach toxic chemicals into the food products. Some of these toxins are known endocrine disruptors, which results in reproductive issues as well as hormone imbalances. Alternatives to traditional food packaging have been addressed with special attention to bioactive, biopolymers, and biodegradable packaging in addition to active and intelligent packaging. The hypothesis states that customers will have high demand for more environmentally sustainable fast food packaging, while the alternative hypothesis states that demand will not be high enough to financially support the costly introduction of more environmental packaging products. The data attained suggest that the hypothesis will not be rejected. However, there are not conclusive results in terms of the alternative hypothesis, as further studies that address economical concerns must be completed. In terms of consumer demand, 94.92% preferred environmentally sustainable packaging over traditional packaging materials.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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