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MA (Master of Arts)



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Jon B. Ellis

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James R. Bitter, Peggy J. Cantrell


The purpose of the present investigation was to examine responses to suicidal ideation by an HIV positive male described as heterosexual/homosexual in a promiscuous/monogamous relationship.

Men (101) and women (137) enrolled in introductory psychology courses participated in the study. Participants completed a short demographic questionnaire, read one of four scenarios, and completed the Attitudes and Helping Behavior Scale (AHBS) designed to measure the participantsÆ emotional responses, attributions, and willingness to help the target subject. Present research involved a 2 (sex of subject) x 4 (scenarios) independent groups factorial. Independent ANOVAS were performed to interpret the significance of the main and interaction effects.

Results revealed a main effect for gender on total attitude scores on the AHBS. There was no main effect for gender on anger towards the scenario subject as originally hypothesized. Future researchers should utilize a more heterogeneous sample than the present one to obtain more applicable results.

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