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MS (Master of Science)



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Dhirena Kumar

Committee Members

Foster Levy, Yusheng Liu


Plant innate immunity is activated upon pathogen attack by recognizing their avirulent (avr) genes by Resistant (R) genes leading to R-gene resistance or host resistance. Another form of innate immunity is non-host resistance that is exhibited by a given plant species to most strains of a microbial species. R-gene resistance activates salicylic acid (SA) that is synthesized from methyl salicylic acid (MeSA) by Salicylic Acid Binding Protein 2 (SABP2). It was hypothesized that SABP2 plays the similar role in non-host resistance also. Growth experiments and non-host related gene analysis experiments were conducted on tobacco plants using P.s tabaci and P.s. phaseolicola that are host and non-host pathogens on tobacco respectively. Tobacco control plant C3 that expresses SABP2 and 1-2 that is RNAi silenced in SABP2 expression were used in this study. Results suggest that SABP2 may not have any significant role in tobacco non-host resistance.

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Thesis - restricted


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