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MA (Master of Arts)



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Wallace E. Dixon Jr.

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Jodi Polaha, Kerry Proctor-Williams


The purpose of the current study was to investigate temperament-language relationships among school-age children and across a wider variety of SES. Head Start, Pre-K, and Kindergarten classes of 10 elementary schools located in rural Appalachia were sent information about the study and 35 children were consented to participate. Parents completed a short demographic survey and the Child Behavior Questionnaire Very Short Form (CBQ-VSF). Children were administered the Preschool Language Scale-4 (PLS-4). Participants were split into low and high SES groups so associations between the CBQ and PLS-4 scores could be compared at each SES strata. Both reactivity and self-regulation were associated with language outcomes, consistent with prior research. Importantly, socioeconomic status was not found to moderate observed temperament-language relationships, so prior temperament-language research findings do not seem to be an artifact of high SES samples.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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