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MSAH (Master of Science in Allied Health)


Allied Health

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Constance Sharuga

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Esther Verhosvek, Randy Byington


Safety net clinics across the country struggle with a lack of resources to tackle the needs presented. Screening programs set up for children and elderly have proven to be effective in triaging need, prioritizing care, and maximizing resources. These programs do not currently exist for working uninsured adults. Research was initiated to answer the question: Does the screening process improve patient care for the community clinic? During a 6-week pilot study a licensed dental hygienist performed 30 screenings in the community clinic setting. Findings were recorded and coded according to patient’s level of need identified. Pre- and posttest data for patient care factors were attained. Statistical tests showed a significant effect on patient care factors. While the evidence existed to support the implementation of screening, more research would quantify the specific impact on this population.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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