Degree Name

EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

Dr. Eric Glover

Committee Members

Dr. Virginia Foley, Dr. Arnold Nyarambi, Dr. Pamela Scott


The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine regular education and special education teacher perceptions of inclusion services in an elementary school setting. In this phenomenological study, purposeful sampling techniques and data were used to conduct a study of inclusion in the elementary schools. In-depth one-to-one interviews with 8 participants were conducted using semistructured format.

The 2 research questions were focused on perceptions regarding the practice of inclusion in an elementary school setting, the effectiveness of inclusion, the supports that facilitate inclusion programs, and barriers to successful incorporation of inclusion services. The findings suggest teacher recognition of barriers that interfere with their ability to meet the needs of students with special needs, an understanding that successful inclusion requires teamwork between general and special education providers, and that inclusion in the general education environment may not be appropriate for all students.

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Dissertation - unrestricted


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