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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Eric Glover

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Don Good, Pamela Scott, Cecil Blankenship


The purpose of this quantitative study was to analyze the perceptions of Tennessee principals about the implementation of the Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM) and the impact of TEAM on teachers’ instructional practice and professional growth. Participants in this study were PK-12 public school principals from 12 districts in the First Region of Tennessee who were implementing TEAM in the 2011-2012 school year. Specifically this research was guided by 8 research questions on principal’s perceptions about TEAM providing appropriate and effective professional growth for teachers and the principal’s perception about their ability to adequately perform the requirements of TEAM. The survey instrument consisted of 26 statements that asked the respondents to indicate their degree of agreement on a 4-point Likert scale. Quantitative data were analyzed with a series of one-sample t tests or independent-samples t tests. Results indicated that respondents had a significantly positive perception of TEAM providing appropriate and effective professional growth for teachers. Results indicated that respondents’ perceptions of adequately performing the requirements of TEAM were not significantly different from neutral, the value 2.5.

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Dissertation - Open Access


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