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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Dr. James Lampley

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Lee Daniels, Jasmine Renner, Cindy Smith


The purpose of this study was to determine the relationships between general course satisfaction, learner-instructor interaction, and the learner-social media interaction scores of participants. This study used an online survey with 60 questions to gather the participants’ demographic data, learner-instructor interaction data, learner-social media interaction data, and general course satisfaction data. Data from the survey were examined through the use of independent sample ttests, one-way ANOVAs, and Pearson Correlations based on 10 participant demographic variables. Of the 10 demographic variables, age, GPA, athletic team participation, and work status were found to have a statically significant relationship with the three constructs. The findings indentified statistical significance between age, work status of participants, and the construct of learner-instructor interaction; between gender, athletic team participation, and the construct of social-media interaction; and between the age, GPA, work status, and the construct of general course satisfaction. Furthermore, learner-instructor interaction and learner-social media interaction had a statistically significant relationship with general course satisfaction. Overall, there was a strong positive correlation between both constructs of learner-instructor interaction and learner social media interaction with general course satisfaction.

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Dissertation - Open Access


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