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MS (Master of Science)


Clinical Nutrition

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Michelle Lee

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Charles Faust IV., Elizabeth Lowe


Nutrition education is an integral part of dental education as well as a variety of other healthcare professions1, but interprofessional education (IPE) between the fields of dietetics and dental hygiene is limited. The purpose of this pilot study was to define areas of opportunity to establish a foundation for the implementation of complimentary curriculum between the dietetics and dental hygiene programs at ETSU. A 76-question survey was developed and administered to dietetic interns (n=26), dental hygiene students (n=49), dietetic faculty (n=23), and dental hygiene faculty (n=19) at ETSU and Baylor College of Dentistry at Texas A&M Health Science Center. Data analysis reveals a knowledge proficiency deficit in dental hygiene students related to nutrition and oral health as well as significant findings in perceived roles of the ‘other’ profession. The potential for interdisciplinary education and training between dietetic and dental hygiene students at ETSU is promising, potentially leading to improved patient care.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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