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MA (Master of Arts)


Kinesiology and Sport Studies

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Thomas E. Coates

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Diana Mozen, T. Jason Davis


The purposes of this study were to compile demographic characteristics, educational backgrounds, coaching experiences, and duties of strength and conditioning (STC) coaches at NCAA Division II and III institutions, and compare the profile of Division II and III STC coaches to the Martinez (2004) study of Division I-A STC coaches. NCAA Division II and Division III athletic personnel (N=578) received an electronic survey for this study. The return rate from Division II and Division III STC coaches were as follows: Division II, 23 responses (n=175), Division III, 34 responses (n=403). Descriptive statistics were used to examine each item. STC coaches at NCAA Division II and III institutions are white, male, approximately 35 and 34 years of age respectively, earn an annual salary of $30,001-$40,000, hold the CSCS certification, and received a Master's degree. The results indicated differences between this study and Martinez's (2004) study of NCAA Division I-A STC coaches.

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