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MA (Master of Arts)



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Jeffrey Powers-Beck

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Kevin E. O'Donnell, Darryl E. Haley


The electronic text reading device, or e-book, is an idea that has reached the implementation stage. Technology has only recently made possible the production of a device to challenge the printed book’s dominance as the media for information transmission. These microprocessor-based devices are attempts to exceed the limitations of printed texts while retaining their strengths. Two generations of these devices, and the companies that created them, have reached the marketplace.

This thesis provides a short history of electronic text readers and gives an overview of the first and second generations. The issues that will affect the adoption of the e-book as the dominant media for the transmission of texts are discussed. The primary objections to the e-book’s replacement of the book are durability, ease of use and clarity. With these concerns addressed by improvement of the underlying technology, the e-book will replace the majority of the printed books in the marketplace.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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