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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)


Digital Media

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Jacy Richardson

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Chris Wilson, Todd Emma


This writing covers the process of lighting stylized and realistic scenes in different moods in Unreal Engine. Lighting can be used to express a mood in an environment, which can aid storytelling in films and games. Lighting in Unreal consists of positioning directional lights, sky lights, spot lights, point lights, and rect lights, as well as various fog effects that help create the ambiance of the scene. This project utilizes free Epic Games Pack content to show the lighting process for different moods in several environments. The use of lights and colors are an important part of designing a game environment which conveys moods and allows for playability.

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Culminating Experience


Copyright by the authors.

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Allprojects Lighting Thesis

Lighting Styles and Moods in Unreal.pptx (462232 kB)
Lighting Styles and Moods in Unreal (PowerPoint)

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Lighting Styles and Moods in Unreal (PDF)