Three Devils Dancing: A Donald Youngblood Mystery


Three Devils Dancing: A Donald Youngblood Mystery


Keith Donnelly


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Keith Donnelly

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"In Keith Donnelly's third mystery featuring private investigator Donald Youngblood (after Three Deuces Down and Three Days Dead), all the usual players return in Don's biggest case yet. His quiet home life has become a bit more complicated with live-in love Mary Sanders and quasi-daughter Lacy Malone ruling the roost. Then a father's plea for justice for his dead daughter leads Don into a maze of murder as he tries to unravel the mystery of a strange tattoo that is part of a deadly game with rules so sinister only the devil himself would approve.

As the body count mounts and the murders draw national attention, Don and an old FBI nemesis close in on a deranged killer who will not stop until he is either caught or killed.

Matter get even more complicated when a young mother ends up in a coma, an old friend is in bad need of counseling, and a drug kingpin calls in a favor. As Don juggles two cases with the help of partner Billy Two Feathers and a new ally, Oscar Morales, he wonders if becoming a private investigator was such a good idea in the first place."--AMAZON

Three Devils Dancing: A Donald Youngblood Mystery